Monday, 5 October 2015

Duelling Paintbrushes 5: The First Photos.

Here it is, the fifth day of DP5, and time for some pictures. I didn't post anything earlier because everything I'd painted was not yet based and I had not done the shields for the Ironclad horde yet.

The first 18 members of the Ironclad. These have been painted since Friday night, but the bases and shields were not finished until today. And yes, I know Dwarves do not like trees. These Dwarves have discovered something called an 'apple' which comes from something called a 'tree' and which can be turned into something wonderful called 'cider.'
They also listen to bands that have not even formed yet.
And here is the mighty apple-brandy powered flame belcher!

I've always liked this incarnation of the GW flame cannon. Mostly because barrels and dwarves go hand in hand and the newer models look awful.

The base is made from cardboard and balsa with slots cut in for the crew bases. I have treated these bases in my current basing style - my older dwarves have fairly boring grey bases which I will update at some point.
 What does the future hold in store? Well, I'm still stripping the paint from the other Ironclad, and I still don't have an actual command group for them. Also, I will be making a unit filler for them (although I actually have 40 models - the spares will be used for more units.)
Also, I will announce the winners of the Terrain Compometition soon - it's been a bit of a busy week with the re-starting of school and Dp5 and all.

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  1. Wonderful beginning. I am seriously looking forward the The Scrumpy Horde of Apple Pickers. Totally agree on the flame canon er sorry the apple brandy canon such a nice model. I am trying to get a start on the Kingdom of Men Horde, have models in box, have glue and cutter just need some time to chop glue and paint.


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