Sunday, 27 September 2015

Ishoo Ninty-Nin: Trollkin Huts

Here it is dear reader, voted into existence by you, and based on techniques displayed by Mr. Terry Mason, winner of the 2011 Annual Terrain Compometition: TROLLKIN HUTS! Yes, it's been a long time coming, but this has been fermenting on the back of my mind ever since that fateful day when Terry won the contest (incidentally, the fateful day when YOU win the contest could be just around the corner - this year's contest ends in a mere three days!).
But, I hear you cry, how hard is it to make a Trollkin Hut? I sometimes wonder why you always ask that question, surely you know the answer by now? It's so easy even a hippo could make it!
Cue Grot!

And there you have it dear reader! It is a simple matter to throw together a whole kriel of these huts over a weeekend and give your Trollkin something to defend.
And what does the future hold? Well, our next ishoo is Ishoo Wun-Hundred, and it'll take a while to get here because:
a: Duelling Paintburshes 5: Duel of Kings will get in the way.
b: Commissions may also get in the way.
c: It's zogging epic.

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  1. These are most excellent. I will be stealing the idea for VSF.


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