Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Improving the breed: new features poll

As part of my on going quest to make TFH even better, I've been playing with some ideas for new features of the blog. Rather than just unilaterally add whatever the hell I feel like, I thought I'd see how much interest there is in some of these ideas.
One benefit of some of these new features is that they will mean I post more frequent updates. You know all those long stretches where no terrain get's built? Usually those are because I am painting or modelling something else, not that I have given up on my hobby all together or I just cannot be bothered with terrain.
Anyway, here are the ideas. You can vote on them on the poll at the top of the blog, but I thought a bit more explanation might be helpful.

This would be a semi-regular series of pictorial articles, just like the main terrain ishoos, but dealing with all aspects of modelling. Now I do not claim to be the world's greatest modeller, but I thought people'd be interested in seeing how I build some of my things. I've got a few ideas for articles already; making Kislevites, scratch building 15mm vehicles, and scratch building vehicle accessories in 40K to name a few.

Again, this would be a semi-regular series about painting. Again, I do not claim to be any good at painting, but I figured it might be good for those who are just starting out. I thought I'd concentrate on beginner level sort of stuff for this. I don't have any really definite plans just yet on content, but I certainly want to handle 15mm figures.

Any of you read the Battle Of Champignon report over on The Hoodling's Hole? I wrote that. Well, the battle part anyway. There are a lot of people out there posting battle reports on their blogs, so why not me? Okay, I am one of the worst wargamers in the history of the universe (this is not fashionable self criticism, I am genuinely terrible at the game part of the hobby!), but I'm sure I can knock out some entertainingly off-beat reports and generate plenty of pretty pictures of my terrain and figures in use.

Fairly self explanatory this one, I figure a lot fo you guys and girls out there are wondering just what the finished terrain looks like in detail and in action. So I figure I'll try to post more pics of it. I'll also try to post more pics of other projects; conversions, scratch builds, and any other modelling project which gets in the way of the flow of ishoos.

Please take the time to vote; I'm using this data to make the blog as good as it can get. It;s a multiple choice poll, you can vote for any number of options. There'll be a new poll up in a week or so about what eras you play so I can try to tailor the terrain output to the readership. Please vote on that one too!
Until next time, Hippo fans!

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