Saturday, 13 December 2014

Terrain For Canconists: TFH masterclasses at Cancon 2015

Those notorious tournament-y convention-y thing running men, the Canberra Games Society have asked me to come and run some masterclass-y workshop-y things at Cancon 2015! We still finagling details with powerful finagling sticks, but so far, it looks like the following will be happening:

  • Concrete Bunkers (with removable roofs and interior detail)
  • 40K Orky ramshackle huts/slum huts
  • Timber framed cottages
  • Topiary
  • Creepy Trees
Students (their term, not mine!) will need to provide some of the materials and tools used, since I will be traveling many hours to reach the workshops, and space in my luggage is limited. Places in each session are limited, and they also cost monies. A quantity of monies as yet undetermined. Who knows, actual meatspace Grot might even put in an appearance!


  1. Congrats Owen. Should be great; a shame I can't come and see!

  2. I'm sure we can organise some sort of tele conference...


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