Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Waaagh Snaggatoof showcase

Tomorrow I'm heading up to Canberra for CanCon, so it seemed like a good opportunity to show off Waaagh Snaggatoof as it currently stands. Or as it mostly stands, because I didn't get all the boyz out. All the vehicles are here anyway - apart from the Grot Tanks which are not going to CanCon and thus were not in the case I unpacked.
So, let's have a look shall we?

The collected might of Waaagh Snaggatoof, minus a few boyz. Okay, minus maybe twenty of them actually...

The Winged Huzzorks pictured being all huzzorky and arriving to turn any tides which may need turning. Knowing my form, turning the tides in favour of my enemy...

The buggies. Where this whole thing started. And which I've only just painted. I tried black undercoat and then an airbrushing of yellow, but they came oout green... then I tried a yellow spray but it looked awful. Eventually, I resprayed black and hand painted the yellow. Sigh.

The Trukk, which is the only vehicle apart fromthe Killa Kans to involve a kit. In this case a Miniature Scenery laser cut MDF kit. Which I modified and fitted with a trailer so it can actually carry as many orks as the rules say it can.

Iron Squig pattern Killa Kans and the more boring and conventional one tucked in behind.

The Deff Koptas, in their guise as Grot Fightas.

The Big Gunz and the Big Mek, looking all meky and big.

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