Saturday, 16 May 2020

Pretty Pictures: The first five for Waaagh! Orkzenhower!

After about a week of mucking around and experimenting, I've completed the first five models for Waaagh! Orkzenhower. The first thing I had to work out what skin colour - my usual Ork skin is a more 'natural' look, starting out with an olive green which would be far too close to the colour of WW2 GI uniforms. The solution was to go with a more traditional, brighter green Ork skin look, but it took a little while to work one out that was distinct from the uniforms. Then I had to work out how to paint the military green of the uniforms... Now that I've worked that out, I should be able to get the next lot out much faster...
Of course, getting decent pics is another problem, and I'm really not completely happy with what I have got.
Anyway, here they are.

I did try to get close ups on all of them, but they all came out rather blurry apart from the two above. I think I'll borrow the school's photo studio and lights next week and try for better.

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