Tuesday, 3 November 2009

CUP DAY SPECIAL: Khemri Khottage

Well, it's Melbourne Cup Day which means the race that stops the nation has resulted in me getting a public holiday. Not one to let the race that stops the nation stop me, I challenged a few fellows on the What-If Modelers forum (My brother and the Brian-that-is-known-as-Brian) to a single day model building event. Anything was aceptable as long as it was built entirerly on November the 3rd, 2009.

So I took a day off from working on the Pontiac (which is almost done anyway) to build a new Khemri Khottage. Back when the Tomb Kings army book first came out, I built a set of Khemri desert terrain for Hampton Games Club, but it's now showing signs of it's age (ie: it's getting wrecked!) Fortunately, I have worked out a new, more sturdy way of producing Khemri buildings, a way which is (all together now!) SO EASY EVEN A HIPPO COULD DO IT!

Take it away Grot!

Like I was going to let a horse race stop me.
I'm working on a few more similar structures, although larger and more grandiuos. It's hard to tell which will come first, pics of the other Khemri Khottages or Ishoo Ten. See you then eitherway.

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