Monday, 12 April 2010

Whack-A-Troll Season Opens!

A while ago I was swimming laps at Ashburton pool when I was struck by a nifty new idea for a quick-play multiplayer Warhammer scenario to use with my school games club.
It's called Whack-A-Troll.
Basically, eight players race through a cave system guarded by Orcs, Gobbos and other nasties to get to the treasure first.
Actual treasure. Mostly Eureka Miniatures, but the odd spare plastic Citadel figure as well.

So I had to do three things: write the rules, build the caves and paint up some extra heroes to add variety.
Here's grot to explain the modeling process:

Thanks Grot!

If you want to try it our yourself;

I've only used Hero level characters, and tried to keep them between 100 and 150 points. I've also chosen to use only characters with a movement of 4 or 5 so that slow moving characters like dwarves will not be disadvantaged. If you don't have the right characters or bad guys around, why not try modifying things to fit your own collection.

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