Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Warhammer Cook Book: Warpstone Cookies.

I've been feeling a bit guilty about not posting anything for a while (I've had a Nurgle lord level cold, which, combined with the renovations to my nose, produced spectacular results), so here's something a little silly.
For my mate Pete's birthday earlier this year, I conspired with his brother to produce the Warhammer Cook Book to teach him some basic cooking skills... and TFH guest star Skveek put in an appearance. Check it out!
Actually, this is Skveek's second book appearance. His first ever appearance was in Baby's First Book Of Warhammer, which I made in collaboration with Pete for Greg's son. Later on I re-used him as a guest on TFH.
Well, there's a lot more of this stuff (one recipe for every official race, plus Araby and Halflings!) and it might find it's way online at some point if people are interested.

PS: I am working on Ishoo Forty. It's just going slowly.


  1. Baby's First Book of Warhammer remains one of the greatest publications ever seen. How else could my son have learnt the words Orc, Skaven and Elf before the age of 2..?

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