Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Dwarven Architecture

I know I promised a Dwarven forge rather a long time ago... Well, I actually did start work on it, but I was not happy with the way it looked, so I pulled the plug on the project (a first for TFH - I do not like to admit defeat). A new version is coming very soon, I promise you. IN the mean time, here are some notes on Dwarven architecture.

  • Dwarves never use wood. The 7th edition Warhammer army book made this quite clear - wood is for burning, nothing else.
  • Most of the time, Dwarves live underground, so you don't have to make buildings for them anyway (of course, this is cheating!)
  • Dwarves revere their ancestors, and will usually carve their stone work into representations of them. Pillars will often take the form of huge stone warriors, and doors are often mouths.
  • Dwarves are short. This means lower doors. It also means windows are positioned closer to the ground. Getting this right is very important as it adds character and racial flavour to the model, BUT it must still be in proportion. They might be short, but they are also wide, so doors are proportionally wider than human doors.
  • Dwarves like stone. Lots and lots of stone.
And as a special treat, here are some old photos of Kazad Grunks, a dwarven hold army display board I built for a mate many years ago. When I had a crap camera. And always tended to scale the photos down so they were really small anyway. Sorry about that. You'll have to squint a bit.

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