Saturday, 31 December 2011

Post Apocalypse Month: Coming soon!

Next month is Post Apocalypse Month on TFH and we'll be looking at all sorts of post-nuclear goodies. Mostly we'll concentrate on Muscle Car Apocalypse, which I am hoping to get running at my school wargames club next year. For this reason, you will need a few special materials, so I thought I'd put up a shopping list before we start.

  • 1/32 (or close) cars. MCA is a 1/32 scale game, but anything from 1/30 o 1/38 will do. Since most toy cars are made on standardised chassis they tend to fudge the bodies to fit. For our purposes, this is really not a big problem. 1/32 scale diecast toy cars are widely available, I usually get them from eBay for about $10aud each. Sometimes you will find things at op shops, so keep an eye out! (I got a New Ray 1/32 Peterbilt tanker truck for $1.50!)
  • 1/32 or 1/35 weapons. 1/35 is the most common military modelling scale, so there is no problem finding lots of weapons and goodies to fit to your cars. Several companies make sets of plastic weapons for customising their kits or building dioramas, invest in a few of these and you're laughing.
  • 1/32 or 1/35 figures. Again, there are tons of these available. The plastic ones are quite affordable, and you usually get quite a few in each set, so a single box will often give you a whole gang.
  • Plasticard, plastic rod, girders etc. You'll want plenty of these things to add armour, rams, bulldozers etc. to your vehicles. Get different sizes and shapes of everything.

Well, that's the major stuff. It's generally fairly cheap and readily available, although I have found some car types harder to find than others (SUV, Jeeps and other 4wd types have been rather thin on the ground for some reason). Most toy cars depict the more glamorous and interesting models, so expect to find two doors rather than four. Although this technically makes the car a Coupe, I tend to fudge things a bit and call it a Sedan if it's big enough and obviously has a back seat. Number of doors don't count for anything in the rules, number of seats do.

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