Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Martian Zombies

Just recently I've 'published' my first game. I use the inverted commas since it's currently a downloadable print-and-play affair - I think getting into print will be the big milestone!
Anyway, it's called Martian Zombies, and pits the crew of a 1950s B-Grade SF movie space ship against hordes of martian zombies in a randomly generated space ship and a race for survival.
You can get hold of your own copy at RPGNow!


  1. OK, the game sounds intriguing, but it might be nice to see a little more of the artwork/components/game mechanism.

    IS it a boardgame, an RPG or tabletop wargame? Is it tile laying?

    From the description you have given I really want to like it, but I need a little more info before I will part wit the cash...

  2. A good point. I have been intending to add such visuals to the rpgnow page, but uave been a bit busy.


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