Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Painting For Hippos Ishoo Fiv: Vikings

SAGA has led many a man to the inevitable conclusion that what he really needs is a Viking warband. And why not? They are big angry men from the north who enjoy nothing more than a good raid. And what is more, they are readily available at nice low prices from a variety of manufacturers including Gripping Beast and Warlord Games plastic ranges, so the cost of  warband is slight. Oh, and they are quickly painted too!
For the purposes of this Ishoo, Grot will be using some generic Dark Ages bowmen from Eureka Miniatures of Melbourne, Australia (not sure if these are available on their online store yet, I went in in person and Nic got all excited and showed them to me). These are not specifically Vikings, but they were ready to hand and look better than using Warlord plastic Bondi with bows.
Take it away Grot!

And there you have it - a quick and easy way to paint up your viking hordes. Naturally, it works just as well on other SAGA and Dark Ages armies!
The paints used are a mix of Citadel, Vallejo, Formula P3 and Reaper depending on what I had to hand. I am replacing my Citadel with Vallejo when they run out, but I am only about half way through the process. You can use whatever brand you prefer, there are plenty of conversion charts available.

And I promise the People's Choice Dead End Diner will be up soon. It's just stalled at present due to SAGA mostly...

NOTE: astute readers may have deduced by looking at the URL, that this was originally called PFH Ishoo For... because I checked to see which PFH Ishoo I was up to, and the last was PFH Free according to the tags. But woe unto the house of Grot; PFH For actually did happen during Duelling Paintbrushes, so it only had the Duelling Paintbrushes tag and I missed it. Curses. I've changed the name, but the URL remains to taunt me! Gah.

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