Thursday, 3 January 2013

SP&VSF Month: Modeling For Hippos Ishoo Nin: Pickelhaube Walker

Welcome back steam driven hippo fans! 
This time we're looking at converting Eureka's excellent Aufziehpickelhaubenstahlsphpanzerfahrzeug Ausf A (god bless you Copy & paste!) into a steam-powered walker! While I've always had a soft spot for this crazy clockwork tank, it's always looked a bit too small to me, but it's an ideal size for making into a walker (or a turret as we shall see later on!).
How hard is it? Well, hacking the notch out of the resin hull is the most annoying part, and with basic model making skills you'll be well prepared for the challenge. Of course, you will need some materials...
  • The tank. Of course. Actually, you don't need the gun, wheels or key - I'm sure the Eureka boys will happily sell you just the parts you need!
  • A Robogear Spider kit.
  • 1mm plasticard
  • Various sizes of plastic tubes and rods, including rectangular tubes.
Well, now that we've got that sorted...

 Well, there you are! A fine addition to any VSF collection - and come to think of it, it'd look pretty nifty in a Death Korps of Kreig army as well...

And yes, I know I said we'd be doing steam tanks. We will, but I was working on this at the same time, and it turned out to be quicker.

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