Tuesday, 1 January 2013

SP&VSF Month: Painting For Hippos 6: D'Haarphistahni Tribesmen

Greetings strange bipeds and welcome to another installment of Painting For Hippos! Since this is SP&VSF month, we'll be looking at something semi-historical. That is to say, the figures are historical, but their country of origin is fictional! I've decided to set some of my VSF games in a fictional indian potentate called D'haarphisthan, led by the sinister Dark Dog of D'Haarphisthan, who's real name is almost as hard to spell as the country (also, I've forgotten it and cannot be bothered looking it up!).
There's nothing very steamy or SF-y here, just some of the tribesmen against whom the more VSF-riddled European nations will fight. Although these chaps will have some of their own strange contraptions...
Anyway, here's how to paint up some sinister eastern tribesmen anyway.

Figures are Turkish/Arabic Pirates from Eureka Miniatures. All of this batch are armed with muskets (or Jezzails I suppose), however the range includes figures armed with swords pistols etc. and a nice captain figure as well.

Paints used are:

  • Vile Green
  • Vermin Brown
  • Dark Fleshtone
  • Firey Orange
  • Goblin Green
  • Pale Green (Model Colour range)
  • Gunmetal Metal
  • Bronzey Bronze
  • Desert Yellow
  • Bonewhite
  • Dwarf Flesh
  • Skin wash
  • Black wash
  • Sepia wash
  • Black
  • Blood Red
  • Codex Grey
  • Shadow Grey
  • Space Wolves Grey
  • Snot Green

And there you have it! Some sinister men for your Europeans to fight against manfully, with stiff upper lips and quivering moustaches. Huzzah!
Stick around for the next instalment, where we build some of the afore said Europeans along with their fearsome VSF weaponry!


  1. Lovely - shows how quick you can get bodies on the table if you want!

    Do you draw your own hippos? They are absolutely wonderful! My daughter would love these!

    1. Of course I draw my own hippos; or more accurately, I drew one master hippo years ago, and now I just change his outfits around for each ishoo.

    2. Come to think of it, there's actually a post about that - http://terrainforhippos.blogspot.com.au/2012/01/dvd-special-features-making-of-terrain.html


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