Thursday, 23 May 2013

Ishoo Atey Free: The Levitating Islands of Hrond (Part Two)

Welcome back Hippo fans!
Last Ishoo we built the Levitating Islands of Hrond. Now it's time to build a way for your homicidal warbands onto them - the stairs of Hrond!
And as usual, here's Grot to show you how...

 And there you have it Hippo fans! If you want to see how the whole lot looks when you put it together... you'll just have to go to Little Wars!
That or wait for the inevitable convention report.
Don't forget to vote on the ishoo atey-for reader's choic poll at the top of the page. Unless you are some sort of tragically behind the times person reading this in the distant future, in which case, why couldn't you have invented flying cars faster?


  1. That's pretty, but models won't stand up on it.

    1. They don't need to stand on the steps. They just need to be able to stand on the landings. Making steps which models CAN stand on looks awful as they have to be enourmous to accommodate bases.


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