Saturday, 28 December 2013

Ishoo Atey-Ate: Dark Elf Watch Tower

Greetings Hippo fans and welcome to what is almost certainly the last ishoo of TFH for 2013 - The Dark Elf Watch Tower.
With the importance of the Elven race to the Warhammer World, it often seems a little strange that there is not that much elf terrain out there. And it's worse for the Dark Elves - hardly anyone has any terrain for them. Well, it's time to redress the balance, because really, Dark Elf terrain is so easy even a hippo could make it.

And there you have it, Hippo Fans! For those of you who want them, here are the templates used:

Well, I've got a bunch of commissions to work on now, so it might be a while before the next Ishoo gets out - unless I can work something out involving one of the commissions that is.

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