Saturday, 5 April 2014

A Tale Of Duelling Gamers: The Beginning.

And so it begins. The six month oddyssey that is A Tale of Duelling Gamers commenced five days ago, with the traditional mis-information about it all being my idea posted on more than one blog. Let me just clear that up now. Greg challenged me to the original Duelling Paintbrushes. I just wrote the rules and posted them on my blog.  Then we collaborated on coming up with the ideas for the next two versions. A Tale of Duelling Gamers was my idea, BUT we collaborated on the rules. I do not seek to take credit away from the Hoodling. Mostly because he will unleash his mangler squig on me, and that guy is so fearsome he can actually wear a paper hat and make it look bad arse.

Now on to the real stuff and the reason you are here.
Basking in my magnificence.
Wait, what? That's not why you are here?
Fine. Have some pictures of my meagre progress then.

Behold mortals! Month One's complete collection. Man that's small. 26 models. Okay, so The Cookie Monster, Elmo, King of Warhammer, aka Nookie, lord of the many Nicknames, the Eternal Youth (ie: Nick) is doing 12, but this feels stupidly small for $200. Okay, I paid less than that due to the wonders of eBay etc, but still...
Now I suspect you are thinking "WTF you hippo riddled looney! Have you been sniffing the gloo again? Why are you making Dark Eldar when you promised Chaos Warriors? Well, I am doing SLAANESHI chaos. And I think that the plasitc chaos warriors do not look hedonistic enough. Slaanesh character all wear form fitting, sensually curvaceous armour. Chaos warriros stomp around in heavy plates and big boots. Fine for Nurgle and Khorne. Not so much for Slaanesh or Tzeentch. So I am converting Dark Eldar for a lot of my Slaaneshi army. Here are 16 (because I ran out of bases...)

"Hold on one more minute you hippo crazed madman," I hear you cry, "It's the fifth day and you've assembled sixteen guys? WTF?" Well, okay, I didn't start on day one. Day one, day two, and day three were spent doing things which earn money. Ie: building Mount Morin. The magnificent mountain seen above and the result of my first commission from my Bolt Actioneering associates at the LRDG. With that out of the way, and a little more commission stuff from the Muppets almost done, I'm pretty much free to work on ATODG.

Next time, Hippo Fans!


  1. For the record, my Mangler Squig doesn't come out of his cave for anything less tasty than Dwarf flesh. Even with his hat on.

  2. So are you telling me your own army is at risk from your own squig?

    1. No, I am saying that no amount of people taking credit for painting duels will be enough to coax him out of his hole.

  3. PW has enough facial hair to pass as a dwarf. Just put him in a trench and the mangler won't tell the difference.
    I'm keen to see what you come up with for these warriors!
    Also, how long is Mt Morin? Will you tell us about it here, or do we need to look at his blog?

    1. Mount Morin is a manly 5feet long with the ends caps.
      And I only have a Goatee now.

  4. Hmm slanneshi warriors based on Dark elder, yep love it pity I had not thought of this before giving my son all my Dark Eldar. Ouch


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