Monday, 14 April 2014

Demo Gamers Style Stone Walls.

Recently, I played a demo game of Bolt Action with the Demo Gamers. And by recently, I mean three months ago at Cancon. More recently, I found a rather cool idea for making stone walls on their blog. Basically, it involves using an aluminium gutter-y thing as a mold, and pouring in a mix of gravel and PVA. Obviously, I had to give it a shot.
Here's Grot with the results.

I had a bit of a problem with these. Because the weather here is fairly cold, they took ages to dry, So I got impatient, and tried to yank them out too soon. They didn't like it. Also, I think I used to little WD40, so they didn't come out easily, and the bottoms fell out. I've come up with a plan to fix this - the batch which I have just poured have all got 2mm cardboard bases built in. I put the bases into the channel first, then poured on top. We'll see how it goes soon - the weather is sunnier this week so things should dry faster. I hope.

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