Saturday, 23 July 2016

Airbrushes at Aldi

Just a quick post today to mention that Aldi, the well known German supermarket chain which is known well for stocking eccentric things, has Airbrushes in stock as of today (23/7/16). I got up bright and early to get mine, but I needn't have feared - my local branch had about forty of them, and I was the first person to buy one. And that's at a small branch in the country.
I have not had time to test it yet, but it is actually a double action unit, which surprised me a bit. The airbrush, compressor, and all required gear costs $99.
They are also stocking airbrush paint (black, white, and the primary colours, plus some metallics), and various hobby tools, such as a sort of knock off dremel-y thing, dremel-y thing bits, and laser-cut wooden models of the Cutty Sark and HMS Victory.
Huzzah for Aldi! Long may their eccentric habit of stocking things like wheel-chairs, reconditioned Xbox Ones, and wooden toys persist!


  1. Sweet, heading down to the local one on Bribie now. Nice find mate!

  2. I've just been test driving the Airbrush, and I really like it. I admit that I don't know too much about these things - I did own an Airbrush previously, it was a Testors Aztec with modular interchangeable heads and things, which I thought would be easier to maintain, but it never worked that well for me.
    This thing has good coverage, and a wide spray pattern, perfect for undercoating (which is what I wanted the Aztec for, and it never could do properly!). I've been using it to paint some wooden toys I am making for charity, and it's doing very well. I have not yet tested it for fine detail work, miniatures painting, or anything much apart from laying yellow on wood blocks.
    I also picked up some of the paint Aldi is selling to go with it - the yellow has surprisingly good coverage, the red seems good too, but I have not tested the others yet.


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