Tuesday, 27 September 2016

TFH Warmachine Terrain now on sale at Get Geeked.

Today I have (among other things) been putting the finishing touches on a set of Warmachine buildings for Get Geeked, Wonthaggi's finest gaming emporium! These pieces will be put to good use on the shop's three tables, and will also be available for sale.

Fig one: A farm.

Fig two: the same farm, from the rear.

Fig. three: The same farm, yet again. Possibly they grow figs. I know not.

And now; a cottage. This uses a new technique which I will demonstrate at some point. Demonstrably. About the same time I remember to install the chimney pots.

I've also been mucking around with painting glowing yellow windows instead of black or blue for that welcoming lamplit ambience so essential to all games about giant magical robots beating each other up.

Yup. It's got pipes. Nothing says steampunk like pipes.
And now for a townhouse.

I found some wanted posters and recruiting posters online and used them instead of making my own like I usually do.

Sinnbeck's is a reference to the owner of Get Geeked. I like to include little advertisements for whoever comissions terrain on the pieces where I can, and let's face it, 'Get Geeked' just does not sound like the name of a Cygnaran games emporium. Khadoran maybe.

Oooo... chimney. Still no pots I see...

Some sort of unexplained industrial structure.

Unexplained industrial structures are fun, because they often have unexplained additions added later which can make them look very oddly shaped and chaotic. I like this.

You know it's a Warmachine Unexplained Industrial Structure when it has a boiler sticking out one end. Well known fact.

And here's the whole set.
So, if you are in Wonthaggi and at a lose end, drop in on Get Geeked at 149 Graham Street for a game of Warmachine! It's not hard to miss - the shop's hot pink, there is a friendly man with an enormous beard and untold hordes of teens playing card games.

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