Monday, 18 May 2009

Ishoo Two: Timber Frame House (part two)

A lot of people seem to think making terrain is hard. It's not. It's so easy, even a hippo could do it. And to prove a hippo could do it, here's the latest installment of 'Terrain For Hippos', a new, visual step by step terrain building guide, hosted by professional Hippo, Grot Bag. In this issue, Grot will be showing us how to finish off and paint the 28mm scale timber frame house from issue one. Take it away Grot!

The Technical bits:

For those who wish to build their own exact replica, the measurements are as follows:

  • Front and back walls: 10cmX12cm
  • Side walls: 10cmX12cm, with 6cm tall roof on top
  • Entrance: 5cmX6cm
  • Front window: 5cmX6cm with a 3cm roof on top
  • Front window side panels: 1cmX6cm
  • Chimney: 1cmX6cm with 1.5cmX6cm sides

Paints used:

  • Textured paint (home mixed, although I usually use Dulux Sandswept Highlights)
  • Mid Brown (Close to Citadel Vermin Brown)
  • Black
  • Tan (Close to citadel Bleached Bone)
  • Medium grey (Close to citadel Codex Grey)
  • Medium green (Snot Green)
  • Deep blue (Regal Blue)
  • Dark red (Red Gore)

Time required:

  • Approximately two hours to build.
  • Approximately half and hour to paint and flock, plus drying time.

More thrills, spills and sage advice next issue when Grot explains how to make packing crates! And don't forget to vote for what you want to see in Ishoo For!

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