Sunday, 31 May 2009

The Great Terrain For Hippos Auction!

While you are waiting for Ishoo For (which would have been up tonight except for a minor 'art failure' or as Grot says 'Bugger up wiv the stoopid nerk wot does the pictures'), you can take a look at the Great Terrain For Hippos Auction!

We're auctionig off the house from Ishoo Wun, along with a second house build using the same techniques! If you want in on the action, the auctions can be found here and here.
We anticipate having more of these auctions in future, so if at some future date (when future events such as these are effecting you in the future) you happen to see this, well, take heart, there's porbably something else available.

I should mention that porceeds of the auctions will be used to buy further terrain materials.
('Or hippo food' says Grot.)

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