Monday, 18 May 2009

Stuff wot yoo need:

Tools wot yoo need:

A Knife: So you can cut stuff. Remember, the knife is sharp and hurty. Grot sez “Orlways be careful.”

A ruler: So you can draw an’ cut strait lines. Get one of dem steel ones so yoo don’t cut it up by mistook.

Pencils an’ pens an’ stuff: So you an draw stuff.

Gloo: So you can stick stuff. You need PVA an’ super glue.

A hot gloo gun: So you can stick stuff faster.

Paint brushes: So yoo can paint stuff.

Tools wot you might need:

A saw: So you can cut big stuff. Saws are also sharp and hurty. Grot sez “Orlways be careful.”

Sandpaper: So you can smooth out rough stuff.

A Drill: So yoo can make holes in stuff.

A Spatula: So yoo can spred stuff like plaster around.

A vice an’ clamps: So yoo can hold stuff.

A Hammer: So you can hit stuff. Grot sez: “hitting stuff iz fun until you hits yourself.”

Uvver stuff wot yoo need:

A place to work: so yoo have a place to work. Grot sez: “Lot’s of terrain stuff is really messy so yoo need to clean up if yoo iz working on the dinner table.”

A cutting mat: So yoo don’t cut up your place to work.

Bright light: So yoo can see wot you are doing.

A place to put stuff yoo have builted: So you have a place to put it.

A place to put the stuff yoo iz building stuff out of: So you don’t lose it.


Grot Sez: “Remember to orlways be careful wiv your tools cause lots of them is really hurty. Orlways cut away from yourself an’ keep your fingers out ov the way. An’ don’t stick yourself to stuff wiv gloo.”

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