Friday, 9 October 2009

Ishoo Ate: Rivers and Bridges (People's Choice Ishoo)

For our second People's Choice Ishoo we'll be building a river with a bridge. Rivers can be particularly useful terrain items, but they get really annoying really quickly if there is nowhere to cross them, so make sure you have sufficient bridges!
Take it away, Grot!

The technical bits:

Each river section is made from a 12 inch by 4 inch length of Foamcore. Each bank as 1 inch wide.
The bridge section is 12 inches long by 4 inches wide at the ends, widening to 6 inches wide for the bridge.
Why inches you ask? Well, since a standard games table is 4 feet (48 inches) wide, and you want your river to get from one side to the other, it make sense to build rivers using imperial measurments. You can make your sections as wide and as winding as you like, as long as they all have a total length of 12 inches, and are 4 inches wide at the ends, with 1 inch banks so they will match up.

TIP: Foamcore can warp with painting. This is especially a problem when making rivers as there is a lot of paint and PVA applied straight onto the foamcore. You can fix this by using a 'counter warping' coat of paint on the other side.

Join us next ishoo when we build an Orc Encampment!

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