Monday, 14 December 2009

Ishoo Twelf A: Missile Silos

Well, here it is at last hippo fans, Ishoo Twelf A: Missile Silos (the first half of Ishoo Twelf seeing as the people's choice poll was a tie)
Take it away grot!

One very useful thing about this sort of missile silo is that it is not scale specific. In 28mm scale, it represents a smallish ICBM. In 15mm, it's about the size of a Saturn V, and in 6mm... well, it's about the right size for exterminatus work.

Ah, but what, I hear you ask, do you do if you don't have a toy Luner Command Module? After careful consideration, I've decided the next best thing is a plastic disposable champagne flute. It'll need to be cut down a bit and modified slightly, but it's about the right shape. Be warned howerver that they tend to shatter easily when you are cutting them.


  1. A comment from the future!

    Perhaps half a plastic easter egg or the like for the nose cone? It could me *gloo'd* to a loo paper roll to add height.

    1. A cunning and timely suggestion! By the end of this weekend, plastic eggs will litter the land!


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