Tuesday, 4 January 2011

SF MONTH: Using found objects

In the SF Terrain Shopping List I mentioned always keeping your eye open for interesting shapes and finding ways of putting found objects together. Well, today I was at the $2 shop looking for wooden cubes for an idea I had (they didn't have them) and I spotted some cheap plastic spinning tops for 25 cents each. They were kinda satellite dish shaped, so I bought four. Then I got kinda creative.It's important to keep all the interesting shapes and pieces you've found somewhere handy. I have a Cupboard O' Doom for that. Everything I used for this project was found with a quick rummage. I have a lot of model kits in there which I bought solely to become parts donors for this sorta thing.

Don't worry, this doesn't mean My First Underhive is being ignored - I knocked this together while I was waiting for the bar-code stickers to soak off the PVC plumbing parts I'm using. And besides, this IS part of the MFU experience - I'll be posting a few other quickies showing some other small pieces of cover which go with the set.
Until next time - treat all objects as shapes and try to see how they can fit together to make something new and different!

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