Saturday, 1 January 2011

Ishoo Twenty-Fiv: 15mm Medieval Village

If you're a Medieval gamer, there are really only two terrain items which are essential - a castle and a village. Since we've already shown you how to build a castle, it's time for the village! Our village consists of three pieces - a manor and stables, a church and grave yard, and a set of hovels. You can easily expand on your village by adding more hovels, or possibly some fields, store houses, barns or an inn.
Anyway, it's a fairly long ishoo this time because there are really three things being built, but it's not hard. Hell, a hippo could do it.
Take it away, Grot!

Note: The pig and goat were both purchased from Eureka Miniatures in Chadstone (the suburb, not the blight on the landscape)

Regretably, I discoverd I was out of clump folliage mere minutes before I intended to glue it on. I've got some on order now, and pics will go up when it's been added - it's the last step anyway.
All of which brings us to January 1st, and the begining of SF MONTH! Next Ishoo we'll be looking at how to build your first set of Necromunda terrain, and there are more SF terrain porjects and madness in store after that!
See ya, Space Hippo.

ERRATA: When I posted this Ishoo, I was sure I'd already explained the towel as thatch method. It's been brought to my attention that I have not, so I thought I'd better go into more detail down here in the bit no one really reads...
First you make a false roof from cardboard, and use hot glue to attach strips of old towel. Then, mix some very thin PVA glue with a drop of detergent in it. Use an old brush to paint this mixture onto the towel. If you use a downward motion, the paintbrush will sculpt the towel somewhat. Leave this to dry for quite some time, preferably in a nice sunny spot because that speeds things up A LOT, and then paint it.

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