Monday, 17 January 2011

Ishoo Twenty-Sven: Customizing Toy Cars

Something which has often struck me about urban SF games is that there are never any wrecked cars in evidence. In the real world there would be thousands of them, yet on the table there are none. Turning a toy car into terrain is not hard, hell, a hippo could do it. The trick is finding the right car. 1/43 scale is about the right size, but go by eye. Our donor car here is a mutant VW Beetle from the $2 shop. Obviously you'll have trouble finding the same toy, but the techniques can be used on any die cast car.

Well there you have it hippo fans!
We'll be posting some other examples of customized necro cars later on, and remember to stand by for ishoo twenty-ate for the Hoth type generator!

1 comment :

  1. very nice, and the car need not end up as a "fighty" version either. Converting toy cars to be 40k civilian cars would be possible as well.


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