Friday, 23 September 2011

Ishoo Firty-Six: Levitating Altar

Welcome back hippo fans!
What with the release of Storm Of Magic, there's some interest out there in magical floating things to put magical blokes on top of. Which is where the Levitating Altar comes in. Having greeted the release of SOM with a resounding 'meh,' it never occurred to me that this was the case until after the poll closed.
Well anyway, I was reading a book on model railway scenery which had a really cool water fall technique which I suddenly realised I could adapt to my fiendish purposes, so the altar got more complicated, and also ended up as my first light-up terrain piece! How hard can it be to build a light-up terrain piece you ask?
So glad you asked. Cue Grot!

And there you have it - one Arcane Fool-Crum (you use it for crumming fools of course!)
Be sure to check back next ishoo - 15mm Fortnight starts tommorow and we'll be building a complete 15mm backwater planet space port!

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