Sunday, 11 September 2011

Modeling For Hippos Ishoo Wun: Kislevites.

Welcome to the first ever ishoo of Modeling For Hippos - the somewhat erratic and intermittent companion to the somewhat erratic and intermittent Terrain For Hippos!

Now that we seem to have fairly conclusively proven that terrain building is so easy that even a hippo could do it, it's time to prove the same for modelling! And let's face it, it really is. It's jsut a matter of confidence and practice, and a little bit of knowing what you are doing. Which is where this ishoo comes in!

Greg (or El Presidente, as we mere peons at HGC call him) is planning great and magnificent plans. He wants to recreate the battle of the gates of Kislev in a titanic 30,000 point per side game of Warhammer (he's barking mad and has more miniatures that cents), but the lack of any Kislevite models in the collections of any club members has proved to be a little bit of an issue... So now, with the generous donation of bags of interesting parts on his part, and a mad plan and a glint in the eye on mine, getting Kislevites into the game will be a little bit of an ishoo! Converting Bretonnian bowmen and men at arms into Kislevite Kossars may sound a bit mad on the surface of it - they don't look anything like the official models. But you can make them look very Kislev-ish with a little simple conversion work. How simple? Well, Grot'll show you!

And there you have it! I'm not going to be painting these - El Presidente wants to do that himself to make sure they match his army. Obviously, we need rather a lot more to get the unit together, but that's just a matter of time and patience.

Now that you've seen how it work, here are a few hints:

Mix your green stuff up in small batches - there's no point mixing up more than you need since you can't re-use the stuff and it doesn't keep once mixed.
Wet your tools and fingers when using green stuff - this will prevent them sticking.
Before you sculpt the fur, leave the green stuff to cure for about ten minutes. It'll be stiffer, easier to work with, and less likely to come away from the model.

Here's a list of parts used:
  • Bretonnian Bowmen and Men at Arms (the Men At Arms are second hand, which explains the glue marks at neck and elbow!)
  • Hairy heads from the Empire Free Company, and Middenheim head sprue, as well as some from the Chaos Marauder Horsemen sprues.
  • Dwarf great axes from the 5th edition plastic dwarf boxes.
  • Left arms from the Empire Free Company sprues.
  • Axe heads from Empire Free Company, Dwarf warriors, and Chaos Marauders.
Well, that about wraps it up for this ishoo. Hopefully the next MFH will teach you how to heavily convert a plastic chaos knight into a Nurgle lord of Deamonic slug...
Until then, make sure you enter the TFH annual compometition - there's only twenty days to go!

You can see the whole Kislev regiment, along with various ramblings about what to do with them, on The Hoodling's Hole.


  1. Sir Hippo (I feel these efforts are at least worthy of a knighthood)! They look excellent!

    I think these have come out better than I anticipated. :-D

    Also, that great weapon looks mean...

  2. Sir Hoodling (kommisioner of kislevite konversions) I have been assembling further members of the unit. I should have the rest done by the weekend.
    Naturally, pictures will be posted, and once you have painted them, pictures will be posted again!