Monday, 25 November 2013

Ishoo Atey-six: Scrap Yard

Here it is folks - the TFH Annual Contest Winner's Special Request Ishoo! By Winning the contest, Evan Brooks also won a commision voucher, the building of which was to be the subject of an upcoming ishoo. 
Well, he decided he wanted a Necromundan scrap yard. So that's what this Ishoo is about.
Cue Grot!

And there you have it! The mighty wrecked crap trading empire of Shady Zeke! Stay tuned for next ishoo - it's probably going to be about turn counter, and then I'm going to be well and truly stuck into some comissions so it might be a while before anything much else happens.


  1. Great use of materials and fantastic results. I'm off to look for inexpensive toys that I can smash to pieces.


  2. I really like it. I might have to try that for my post apoc games.

  3. That's pretty neat ! Simple and effective. Consider it stolen ;)
    Is it to be considered an impassable terrain, or terrain zone into which models can enter?
    Because you gluerated the cars's on, which makes it won't always be easy to put models onto it.

    1. it is to be considered a 'let's play Necromunda or Infinity' area of terrain.