Thursday, 7 November 2013

Ishoo Atey-Fiv: Warpstone Mine

With the Warhammer World Series just around the corner, that estimable madman, Greg Johnson has decided to have one of the tables be made from HGC's infamous cave boards. The armies will be Dwarves and Skaven, and the scenario a modification of Watchtower. So it was left to me to build a suitable 'watchtower.' Obviously, some sort of Warpstone Cache!
So how hard is building a warpstone cache anyways? Let's ask Grot, shall we?

Well, there you go Hippo fans! Obviously you could make it more fancy but a: I'd challenged myself to build the whole thing in a day and b: it's not meant to dominate the table by blocking LOS or anything.
Tune in next time for Ishoo Ninty and gods alone know what madness.


  1. It looks great. The Skaven and Goblins will have a great time murdering each other for control of this...

  2. Short, ugly and skaven foo. Do they need to be more specific then that.:)


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