Sunday, 16 October 2011

Duelling Paintbrushes: Day Seven.

Day Seven. The Khorne Marauders are completely complete, down to their bases. I've bought some chain, but not yet added it to the dog's collars or connected them up to the dog handler's hands.

They've also had their baptism of fire in a game against Greg yesterday. I took 2500 points of chaos, all of which was Nurgle apart from the marauders. I also took several illegal items because I've only played about five games of 8th edition, and just didn't realise. Greg took 2500 points of empire, and used the Kislevites as a detachment of halbardiers because he didn't have enough of them to use them as anything else.
The Marauders were the last of my units to be destroyed, and my Chaos lord has earned the new name 'Lord McWailsondetachment' for his continued efforts to singlehandedly remove every Kislevite model from the game (he didn't quite make it - three fled off the table without being killed!)

I also took a box of half finished chaos conversions, which Greg looked into, which resulted in him demanding I finish the Marauder horsemen I'd converted and started many moons ago. This is what they looked like this morning:

And this is them this evening, now finished (although I think I forgot the corpse's hair, and I must replace the missing back-banner).

I've also spent some time with the Jugger Lord. His jugger now sports spiffing collars, and will soon sport a spiffing, throne style saddle.


  1. Oh dear. So you have completed your quest, then gone off and completed another one on the same day.

    They all look good. I especially like these horsemen with back banners. I shall be sure to come up with other demands to distract you, once I have recovered from the shock caused by the speed of your efforts thus far.

  2. Ah, I have already commenced work on the Nurgle Marauder unit which was half completed. You shall fall even further behind! Mwahahahahahaha!

  3. I am not sorry to hear of this progress...

    I've added a more thorough report of the antics of Lord McWailsondetachment here:


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