Thursday, 19 January 2012

PA month: Ishoo Forty-Free: Derelict Statue

Statues always make great terrain, and they make a wonderful way of getting rid of old toys - or in this case, a shampoo bottle(!) What better feature of your post apocalyptic wasteland than a giant statue covered in scrawled slogans, and worshipped as an idol by the wastelanders? And it's dead easy as well!

And there you have it!
If you want to replicate the 'statue of liberty' colours on The Stig, the exact shades used were Vallejo Model Colour Green Sky and Pale Blue.
Don't forget to vote on the reader's choice poll for the next ishoo! Until then hippo fans, stay frosty!


  1. I have to say that was brilliant. Great sense of humour you have there.

  2. Stig is a God all worship him. That is wonderful.


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