Sunday, 8 January 2012

PA Month: Modelling For Hippos Ishoo Fiv: MCA accessories.

Welcome back to Post Apocalypse Month irradiated hippo fans! In our last ishoo we looked at preparing some combat cars for Muscle Car Apocalypse. This ishoo, we're going to look at some interchangeable magnetic accessories for the fronts of those cars. MCA allows for extra armour, ram bars, ram spikes and dozer blades (at the moment!) so let's have a look at making a magnetic version of each of those shall we?

Part One: Ram Spike.

Part Two: Extra Armour plate
Part Three: Ram Bar
Part Four: Dozer blade

And there you are hippo fans! Now you can easily change the equipment on your cars and try out some different configurations!
Come back next time when we'll be looking at making smoking wreckage and rubble!


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