Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Another man's chaos in action!

On Saturday, Greg the Hoodling and I indulged in a mighty battle between my Khrone/Nurgle alliance and the Benitez hordes under Greg's leadership.

This is what 9000 points of chaos looks like all on one small table. The Battle of the Gates of Kislev will involve three times as much...
The full might of the Slug Knights come face to face with Disco Fever!
It's nice to see all the things I painted for Ben in action. It's also nice to see all my stuff in action. It's slightly startling to realise that apart from the board itself, the hills and trees and the movement trays (courtesy of Greg), everything on the table was made by me...

The battle report is over on the Hoodling's Hole. Check it out!

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