Sunday, 5 February 2012

Painting another man's army: Delivery Day.

Yesterday I delivered the remaining parts of the Benite Hordes (Ben having already taken delivery of the Tzeentch warrior and Knight units, most of the Slaanesh warrior unit and the Dragon ogres) and as a result, I now posses an entire Skaven army...
Here, in all it's infernal majesty, is the Benite Horde minus the bits Ben already has (because he forgot to bring them, damn him!)
Slaanesh Chosen
Slaanesh Knights
The Khorne Unit of Antiquity.

Undivided Chosen

The part of the Slaanesh Warriors Ben didn't have yet
Tzeentch Warshrine (not completely finished - the base still needs work)
Disco Fever, Spawn and the two last members of the Tzeentch Warriors
A number of sorcerous men and their familiars.


  1. I think the war shrine needs something more on the platform, be it painting or some extra physical detailing. It looks like a vast, plain expanse for those 2 guys to caper about on...

  2. I've been thinking the same thing, although I have yet to come up with the right solution. My philosophy is 'Ben will not notice, and nor will he care' so I'll probably leave it.


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