Sunday, 30 September 2012

Ishoo Sixty-Too: Normandy Ruins

Welcome back to WW2 For Hippos! This ishoo we'll be looking at making some buildings to go with the bocage riddled roads from last ishoo. When you have panzers, dive bombers and bazookas going off in close proximity, you tend to end up with ruined houses. Which is just what we'll be looking at this ishoo. It's fairly easy to adapt the techniques shown to make intact houses as well (and in the near future, we'll be looking at making Normandy shops which will also help you with ideas and what Grot would call 'tekineeks')
Take it away, l'hippopotame minable!

And there you have it! Proof that there are some languages Grot speaks even worse than English! Also a nice ruin.

And if you hang around for about twenty minutes, you'll be just in time for Ishoo Sixty-Free: Le Place Des Pommes-Frite!


  1. Great work on this, the painting really accents the materials you used.

    However, any possibility of a close up of the chaos lord riding a bullfrog??

    1. When he's finished...
      BTW, it's a toad from the Eureka Miniatures warrior frog range - usually they have Samurai inspired frogs riding them. I believe the range is based on a series of Japanese prints. I also have chariot being pulled by one of them.


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