Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Ishoo Sixty-Wun: WW2 For Hippos Part One: Roads.

Welcome to World War Two For Hippos!
Now you may well be looking at the title and thinking "have years of gloo fumes finally taken their toll? Surely TFH has handled roads before?" And you would be right, TFH has handled roads before, but not this sort of roads! This time we are looking at the sort of country roads with hedges on either side which were such a feature of the allied invasion of Normandy. Yes hippo fans, WW2 For Hippos is all about building up a nice table worth of Normandy style scenery so you can liberate france. Obviously you'll be needing roads and hedges if you are going to do this properly, which is where Sergeant Grot comes in handy! Take it away, Sarge!

You see? Very different from the last time we tackled roads! There's a poll up to decide on the next people's choice ishoo, and all that remains to be said is stay tuned for the next installment of WW2 For Hippos where it's time to work on ruins!


  1. Looks nice. Any reason for the switch to foamcore? I also am still planning to do my competition entry. I just forgot and then procrastinated. I'm also trying to figure out how to size it for 1/72 (20mm).

  2. Using foam core with the card stripped allows you to actually car e and dent onto the base material instead of making features ontop. The lack of plaster reduces warping.


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