Monday, 11 March 2013

Ishoo Sventy-Sven: Hungry House

More Fanticide terrain this ishoo - this time it's the dreaded Hungry House. While I was researching the look of the Baba Yaga hut, I stumbled over an illustration showing a house with a very angry face and lots of teeth. I thought this was just too cool to ignore, so I had to build one! I'm planning to use it as the Hole Beast hostile terrain piece.
So just how hard is it to build something as creepy as a Hungry House?
Well, here's a Hungry Hippo to explain!

 And there you have it Hippo fans!
A few things which should be mentioned:
The balls used come from cheap christmas decorations. You should be able to find some sort of alternative - polystyrene balls perhaps. They're smaller than ping-pong balls, but you could always just make a bigger house and use ping-pong balls...
Sculpting wise, I used air-drying modelling clay, and a paddle-pop stick or my fingers. By wetting the surface to apply the clay to, I found it stuck very well.

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  1. Amazing terrains!!!

    How much time you take to make a house like that one?

    Thank You!

    1. All up, the Hungry House involved about three hours of work, but when you factor in the drying times of the modelling clay, PVA and paint, it took about three days to complete.

  2. Great model. Using the rock for texturing the clay is simple but brilliant. I bought myself a 10lb box of clay and have been using it for basing figures. I hope to have some terrain to show soon.


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