Thursday, 26 September 2013

Duelling Paintbrushes 3: The contenders.

DP3 is fast approaching, so let's meet the contenders...

Owen the Hippo (Terrain For Hippos) will be painting Beastmen bright blue.
Greg the Hooded (The Hoodling's Hole) will be painting Dark Elves in a sinster fashion.
Matt the Strange (Hobby Hideout) will be painting Bretonnians in a cunning manner.
Sexy Nick (Short Shorts and Paintbrushes) will be painting High Elves in the colours of Chrace.
Ginger Nick (Some Call It Luck) will be painting Lizardmen meticulously.

All of these mighty warriors have had their blogs added to my blogroll, so you'll easily be able to follow their progress.

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