Monday, 30 September 2013

Mysterious Figures of Mystery

I've just taken delivery of a HUGE box of old figures I got on eBay. Not sure how huge - my digital scales showed 'ERROR' and my analog kitchen scales only go to 3kg...
Anyway, amidst all the goodies for DP3 were a number of Mysterious Figures of Mystery...
Also two dragons I have not included here. I think I know what they are.
Actually, there were three dragons, but one was definately Egrimm Van Horstmann's steed.

Does anyone recognise any of these?
Mysterious Orc 1, Unknown Orc 1 and Enigmatic Orc 1

Purple Knight, Flamey Mage, Moon Man and Green Knight

Necromantic looking guy, Pyromantic looking guy, Chaos looking cove and NotSkaven Standard

Advanced HeroQuest Guy with Las Pistol?, Dwarf Slayer-is thing, Mr. Bendy Blade and a rather sick horse.

Unknown Orc standard bearer and friend.

Anyone got any ideas? I'm pretty sure they're not Citadel, and I'm kinda leaning towards a company which used to exist in Australia called 'Inquisitor' or 'Inquisition' or something. The eBay lot came from SA, so they were presumably bought in this country.

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  1. Inquisition miniatures, from early 90's. I've still got plenty of them lying around the house. They were made in Adelaide. for the product line (no photo's though).


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