Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Duelling Paintbrushes 3: It Begins.


It's october first, which means Duelling Paintburshes 3 has started! Usually, that'd mean I'd be painting away like a mad man, but because things didn't arrive in the post until yesterday, I've only just gotten the time to spray the undercoat.
So instead of painting, I'm in here blogging about not painting.
And certain other things.
First off, here's a photo of what I have to paint for the challenge. Well, most of it. There's actually a bit more. More Gor to be specific - they're in the mail.
There are a few changes from the list I published previously. Because of the models I managed to get, one of the Gor units has hand weapons and shields, instead of two hand weapons. This costs the same. Also, the minotaurs in the photo have only got single hand weapons. They'll be converted somehow to two hand weapons. And I've just realised that in my enthusiasm to get everything undercoated, they've been undercoated...
The other thing is Duel Counter. My idea here is to create a gadget on the side bar where I can keep count of the figures so far painted and unpainted. And you can check my progress at a glance. Because I am that egotistical. It'll just be a customised HTML gadget, nothing fancy.

In other news, the Annual Terrain Compometition has closed for entries. I'll be getting the winners up soon.

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