Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Annual Terrain Compometition 2013: WINNERS!

The curtain opens on an empty stage. An expectant hush falls over the Hippodrome (you expected this to take place somewhere else?). A lone, grey figure appears...

Yes! Elana Abicare has won the inaugural under 5s category, with a little help from Dad...
Instead of calling this 'Juniors' I've created a new category. Mostly because I'm not sure what Elana will do with a $30 TFH voucher. I do know what she'll do with a Schleich baby hippo.

And no, on to the seniors!

"Dear Hippoz,
here be-s my submisshiun! It be-s ruins of dwarf outpost took over by human mage, and built over.
I will eventually look for expandin-it in the future, but for nao I hope it helps with your contest (went on a real rush, the paint is still wet. duh!).
As you can shee, I learned A LOT from Khador Townhouses issue ... and still picked some ideas somewhere for the foamcore stone blocks.
Yet, attempted to add something on my own: you'll see a simple trick for building doors and windows with (even more) ease. And the Chimmey! The chimmey copper tubes are spare parts from an air conditioner implant. A cool tribute to UK that's been (I'm from southern europe).
Pew. Hope that's enough. See ya next year!

Congratulations Evan - you've won a magnificent, newly redesigned certiwotist of winneration. Oh, and a $50 TFH custom terrain voucher, the building of which will be featured in an up coming ishoo.

Well done also to the ever cunning Pete Spiller (last year's winner) for his clever use of a 3D printer. He's won a magnificent certiwotsit and a $30 TFH voucher.

And remember, it could be you next year!

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