Friday, 4 October 2013

Duelling Paintbrushes 3: METAL!

The first batch of MetalGor is completed. All eight of them. I've got 20 at present, with another five in the mail from the UK, so the unit will not be completely completed until those arrive and get painted. Since the unit will be 24 strong, three batches of eight figures each seemed like the way to go.
These are all 'classic' figures, copyright dates being either 1989 or 1993. They are much more diverse than modern beastmen - although they're mostly goat headed there's a lot of variation in faces and bodies, and even equipment. Some are wearing armour, and some even have a hoof on one foot, and a lion's paw on the other! Luckily, the replacement Vallejo Skin ink arrived today as well, so I can do the metalics and complete the bases now.

These guys are from the era of Warhammer which was influenced by Heavy Metal, and made from metal, and GW even had a record label which recorded... metal. I keep expecting them to start throwing the horns up at any moment.

Since I encountered the Oldhammer movement, I've been getting more interested in retro-style free hand shields. So I had to have some on these retro guys.

The guy in the middle is a '93 vintage version. He's much more 'standardized' than the 1989 versions around him.

The champion is also a '93 edition. Need to go back and add some contrast to his various medallions so they stand out from his chain mail.

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