Sunday, 27 October 2013

Duelling Paintbrushes 3: (almost) Complete!

Well, here we are with four days left in DP3, and it's been ages since I posted any progress. So what has been happening? Well, in my terms, not a lot. I've really slowed down due to social commitments and having to build  a costume for muck-up day (at my school, the staff dress up as well as the yr.12 students).
So I've finished another five minotaurs (which is two more than I needed even for the expanded 1500 point version), the Doom Bull, and the last eight Gor (five of whom only arrived in the mail last friday...) Said Gor are not yet based so I cannot claim to have completed the challenge yet.
I still need to paint two chariots to have the completed 1500 point force needed for the World Series.
So what next? Well, more chariots, a minotaur BSB, Ghorgon and some unit fillers and themed terrain.

The complete(ish) might of the 1000 point DP3 version of the Vulgar Goatmen. (for best results, this name should be sung in a mournful baritone to the tune of the Volga Boatmen song)

The might Doom Bull, converted from a Reaper minotaur. The right arm had to be repositioned to allow for ranking up, which is also why he's standing on a rock.

The free-hand shield ridden Gors in their metallic glory. Not one is from later than 1997, and many are from 1989 or earlier.

The two-hand weapon wielding plasigor.

Converted Reaper BSB.

Completely free from conversions, this is a Reven mage of some sort from Reaper. I believe she is a bull orc.

The three minotaurs for the 1000 points.

Now here we see everything (with the characters in units)

A mighty mass of minotaurs, including the wonderully named figure 'Ox Roar: Chaos Champion of Ultimate Slaughter'.

Incidentally, he's also the only guy the Doom Bull comfortably ranks up with...

Further photographic representations of the massed minotaurs.

Foe's-eye view of the Metalgor with shaman.

Close up on the plastigor command. I wanted a more mutated look for my gor, hence the old saurus head...

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  1. Great looking units. The free hand designs are really good.


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