Monday, 14 October 2013

Duelling Paintbrushes 3: Minotaurs and Characters

We're half way through DP3 now, and I'm a touch behind the somewhat terrifying (but worryingly achievable) schedule I calculated, mostly due to having to other commitments I didn't figure in. So instead of finishing off the whole 1500 points yesterday, I've gotten things to the point where I have eight more Gor and a Doom Bull to paint to finish the 1000 points of the challenge (the extra 500 points is just two more Gor, some chariots, and a command group for the Minotaurs)

Minotaurs. These took a while, but it was mostly just them sitting on the bench waiting for me to get back to them. Since The Lot, as it is affectionately known, came with seven minotaurs with single hand weapons, I used Ogre hands to give them the correct number of weapons.
And here we see the BSB and Bray Shaman. Both are Reaper figures. The BSB has had his axe shaft lengthened to become a standard pole, and a freehanded banner added. The Bray Shaman is a Reven mage of some sort. She's not really very beastly, being more orc shaped, but I like the old school Beastmen idea of them just being all manner of mutants, not all angry goat men. Besides, Tzeentch likes to mutate things, so she can totally be a Bray Shaman.
I'm still waiting on some Gor to arrive from the UK to finish my unit with shields, so I guess you'll be seeing the Doom Bull before the PFH ishoo on Gor and free-hand shields.


  1. I like what you did with the BSB's banner. Your freehand on this army has been coming out very well.


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