Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Ishoo Ninty-For: Alchemist's House

Holy Freakin' Hippo Spit! A new ishoo? What strange madness is this?
Well, it's the Alchemist's House. Long ago in the mists of time, around 2002ish, I built a timber-framed two-storey town house for HGC. It was a bit of an odd shape, and I declared that such an odd shaped house could not possibly be the abode of anything less than an alchemist. Last year I spotted it while rummaging in the great terrain tubs of HGC. It was a bit beaten up, and it was also a bit small. Like many warhammer related things, my buildings have gotten bigger, and it was looking rather under-size compared to newer examples. So it seemed like a good idea to revisit the basic shape, which I was always fond of, and make a newer, bigger and better version. It also seemed like a good idea to post pics of the original, but there you go.
And here, to prove that hippos can build terrain, even if they can't take pics of the inspiration for the terrain, is international hippo of mystery, Grot Bag!
Rousing cheers!

It's been a bit of a week for revisiting old projects. I've had a completely built medieval church sitting on my shelf for about five years now, just waiting for paint. I brought it down on Monday, painted and based it, and fitted it with lead light windows. I'll get some pics up after Cancon.
Speaking of Cancon, although the online enrollment system thing is closed, you can still enlist in any TFH tutorial session on the day for the low-low, one-time-only, never to be repeated price of $20.
No idea what the next ishoo will be, but it's looking like it might involve wood elves. See you then anyways.

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