Wednesday, 28 January 2015

TFH at Cancon: The Aftermath

Cancon is once more over. Time for photos and ramblings about the event.

But first, some pics I took of tables. I didn't take any photos of the Warhammer tables, because they made me embarassed to be affiliated with that game. A printed paper cut-out of a Hampton Hill with a single tree on it is NOT a forest. Please enjoy these photos of various 40K, Infinity and Historical tables. Sorry for the odd blurred shot, these are from my phone.

15mm ww2 table from the Flames of War tournament (I think)
Dry river bed of same.
And another shot. I took rather a shine to this table - the workmanship was nothing special, but there had been plenty of time and effort invested, and someone was clearly very happy about it all.

Another 15mm WW2 table. I like the way hills have been stacked on modules to make a really tall ravine.
The Demo Gamers' Demo Table.
Which features a Chirstmas tree. I didn't get a pic of the TARDIS.
A nice big landed Imperial shuttle on one of the 40K tables (I think this was one of the Apolcaypse tables, so plenty of titans...)
This piece reminds me a lot of the stuff in the GW red book, but made with modern materials.
A nice spot of Infinity. All laser cut MDF, and a game mat, but well presented and painted.
Also over in Infinity (or maybe 40K, they were close together), this modular jungle board made up from a variety of tile sizes.
This spectacular Infinity table reminds me of Halo levels. Although modular, it can only be assembled into this layout.
And now to my own stuff:

The demo table as it appeared on Monday afternoon. Nice room, good AC (mostly) but hidden out of the way so very little passing traffic.
Topiary hippo and dinosaur, before they were bought by Moruya Chris.
The peasant cottage, forlornly waiting to be sold.
Creepy trees - these were not completed during the session, I painted them up the next day.

Concrete bunker from the very first session. This was actually completed within the three hours (actually, it took me about an hour, but my student was slower)
This one got damaged when I got it home, so it's not for sale on ebay...
HEDGER! The new wonder shrub! (not part of a session as such, but I had some spare time)
Orky hut, up for sale from F.W. Guzzblat & Son, Orky Realtors.
Th verdant labyrinth of the HIPPOPOTOMAZE! Can there be any greater thing?

The watch tower. This was completed within the three hour session, but my student was slower.

And now, pretty pictures taken with proper lights in controlled conditions!
Or semi proper lights in somewhat controlled conditions.

Ork Shak for sale on ebay
Ork Shak for sale on ebay
Topiary bear for sale on ebay
Peasant's cottage for sale on ebay.

The bunker got damaged after I took this photo when the lid resisted removal - I fitted it when the paint was a but damp I think, so it got stuck. It's not for sale as a result.
Spooky trees for sale on ebay.
Hippopotomaze for sale on ebay.

Most of this stuff is now for sale on ebay! Go there now using the links above and bid wildly! Wildly I say!

There's also a new reader's choice poll at the top of the blog, and the sinister announcement that the next ishoo will be about the Cthulhu Hedge Maze...

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